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Barcelona Hotels

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A new idea for Barcelona hotels by Clinton Maxwell

The choice of a hotel, especially in a big city like Barcelona can be a huge headache. But if you read this article can give you an excellent solution for flights, transport, hotel and a wonderful stay in the park to the main themes of the era, the feet of the stage of the aircraft at the Barcelona airport.

There are many types of housing for all holidays in Barcelona, Spain, as hotelsranging from three - to five-star hotels, inns, youth hostels, campsites and apartments. But what I really understand, for whom the word 'vacation,' all on a snap on the fingers, and at that point, as can be. Hotels in Barcelona a snap your fingers with your vacation plans in Barcelona, and before in the city to enjoy all the delights cultural and architectural he has to offer, I recommend the following route, which I personally twice (and I hope to make a bit moredifficult).

Upon arrival in El Prat Barcelona Airport, you can use a particulartransfer, direct access to your Hotels in Barcelona, the beautiful theme parkcalled Port Aventura. If you intend to travel to other places, and decided rent a car, do you think, Europcar has special prices for holidaymakers staying at Port Aventura. previously You have chosen one of these four beautiful stars, each decorated in a unique style and with a hosting package ' hotel and breakfast, tickets to Port Aventura and the Caribbean Water Park (Caribe Aquatic Park).

Port Aventura The hotel is decorated in the colonial style Mediterranean, The Hotel El Paso präcolumbischen heavy and displays the Mexican decoration Carib and the port is the largest hotel swimming pool with white sand in the world. They do not go for this kind of Barcelona Hotels Reservations even the bestthat we at the water's edge. The highest is the season in the category 'A', a bed and two days in the park could cost from 218 euros and 136 doubles with a child for 68 euros.